Spring Events!

Hello, DPA members and residents!

A couple of annual events are coming up, and if you have not received the information for them, please let us know.

The first is the DPA’s annual progressive dinner on May 3. The evening is a fantastic way to get to know your neighbors in a large group setting for cocktails and dessert, as well as in a more intimate dinner with a few folks. The event is $35 per person (adults only, please), and you must RSVP by April 11.

The second event is a (somewhat)annual celebration of cultural and ethnic diversity in a cookout on May 24! Bring a dish (no dessert) that reflects your identity and/or heritage and spend some time enjoying the weather (rain or shine). All residents, friends and family are welcome.

Happy Spring!

Updates to the DPA Website

We have added a couple new features for residents of Ditmas Park to the website!

First, you can now find the list of resident-recommended vendors, contractors, and tradespeople on the Resources page. From that page, or from the drop-down menu above, you can also add your own recommendations to the list.

Second, you will see on the sidebar on the right, you can make suggestions to the DPA. We will review those suggestions on a monthly basis and discuss at the Board meetings.

Stay safe and warm!

Ditmas Park Mourns Loss of Lifelong Resident

Mildred Levy, a lifelong resident of Ditmas Park, passed away this past Sunday night. Mrs. Levy lived in Ditmas Park her entire life, first on East 17th Street between Foster and Glenwood before moving to 976 Ocean Avenue back in the early 1950s. She was 87 years old. Our thoughts are with her family.

Snow Shoveling in the Neighborhood


25 inches of snow in Ditmas Park, January 28, 2011.

If there are any business savvy teens in the neighborhood looking for some work, why not start a snow shoveling service? We have a number of neighbors who would love the service. If you are interested in providing snow shoveling, get in touch with us!

Also, as a reminder to all, you are obligated to remove the snow from your sidewalk. And as a courtesy to your neighbors, to the elderly and to children, please clear a path that is more than just couple of feet wide.

Stay safe and warm!

Traffic Safety Committee Launches in Ditmas Park

Traffic safety is in the forefront of the news and a hot topic in the city council due to three tragic accidents, involving children in NYC, two of whom were from Brooklyn.

In response to these incidents, we polled our neighbors to determine the need for speed humps and/or additional traffic slowing measures. A representative from the Department of Transportation presented at the General Meeting in November, discussing the various traffic calming options that might be available. A committee has been identified to follow-up with DOT and CB14 to address the issues specific to our community.

We will bring you updates as we make progress towards traffic calming.